Domestic Sanding Philosophy

Our Philosophy,

Not any craftsman can work in a domestic scenario, to us it’s the cream of floor refurbishment and finishing, unlike large scale site work, where quality never seems to be of any real importance, timescales are tight and don’t really give a damn attitude reigns.

The Domestic market is flooded with floor sanding firms touting there trade, because of the lack of large scale site jobs. Commercial sanding companies are now seeking work in domestic sectors, to stay afloat, in the current economic climate. Fair play to those companies, after all we all have families and lifestyles to keep. Problem is most site workers have little domestic knowledge, Poor people skills, bad attitudes, foul language, untidiness, lack of attention to detail, and the same don’t give a damn outlook on the profession. These factors have all come into play lately, which seems to tar all tradesman with the same brush. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of excellent sanders out there capable of 100m2 of hardwood sanding a day, but being an excellent sander is not just what it takes to strive in the domestic market.

Amongst quality you need knowledge of all types of floor styles, wood types, Flooring products


County floor sanders key to pleasing it’s customers is to maintain the highest quality standard of sanding and finishing to all projects, we work swiftly, clean and tidy, Always being polite, punctual and willing, Communication with our customers is vital, sharing our knowledge giving advise on what’s best for our customers and not ourselves, Always going out of our way to give that tiny bit more to be that tiny bit better at what we do than anyone else.

We are not members of any trade guilds or associations, as we have found that these companies are really only interested in large membership fees, there are never any problems for anyone, wanting to join these associations, as long as they have the money to pay there subscriptions and can sign their own name, A Company being a member of any trade associations, does not guarantee they will give a good service or carry out a good job.

County floor sanders lets its reputation speak for itself, we can supply you with names and telephone numbers of all recent customers that have been serviced by us. we also carry out high spec work for many high profile people and since refurbishing the floor in his home, come highly recommended by Tommy Walsh, T.V celebrity builder.

Floor cannot be rushed, rushed floors will look rushed and wear fast. use cheap products, get an inferior job, pay peanuts get monkeys, we are not cheap, we charge a fair rate for what we do, we are highly competitively priced for the type of quality and service we give.

When our floor sanders come to your home they bring






Respect for your home

Respect for you

Respect for our surroundings